With a career spanning several continents and over 30 years, Tim Lofthouse brings to his profession a wealth of experience, passion, creativity and skill.

Finally completing a Diploma of Photography in 1986, Tim continued his career assisting in Perth’s thriving photographic community, enjoying the excitement that was The America’s Cup circus in Fremantle before heading to London to hone his craft with some of the world’s leading commercial photographers. Since returning to Perth in 1994 with his wife Liz, Tim has worked on hundreds of local, national and international photographic assignments and has produced work of outstanding quality, both in the domestic and commercial market.

With an eye for detail and a creative flair, Tim’s expertise lies in working closely with clients to produce quality usable images. From editorial spreads in prestigious magazines, such as Vogue Living and Scoop, to large scale shipping brochures and annual reports for global clients, Tim offers a personal and professional service. He is equally at ease photographing the board members of a prestigious company as with an excited couple preparing for a wedding and he brings a warmth and openness to his work that is evident in the images he produces.

Understanding the intrinsic link between lighting and quality photography is the corner stone of Tim’s career. A lifetime of looking, learning and applying has afforded Tim skills that result in the clean application of lighting techniques to produce quality imagery. An extensive store of current and specialist equipment, combined with a great sound system and an alarming taste in country music ensures an enjoyable, and highly productive experience.

So if you are after a professional and personal experience that produces quality images infused with a passion for the craft of photography, Tim is your man.